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Purchase a Skate Park brick for $250 to help fund and maintain the skate park. Make checks payable to Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside noting “Skate Park Brick Campaign.”


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  • When will the skate park be complete?
    Is there an image of what the brick wall will look like before I purchase a brick? Is the above sketch the final design of the park? Will it be open to non members of the Boys and Girls club?

    • Hey Mariya,

      The skate park project is moving fast and should be completed the beginning of September. The bricks will be on the ground at the entrance into the skate park. And yes, the new park will be open to the entire community.

      I do not have a picture of what the bricks will look like, but you can stop by the parks and recreation office, ask for Caitlen, and I can show you a sample.

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