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BGCC Swimming Program 



-Grades 2-12

-BGCC members who can’t swim

-Siblings, if space available

-6-month Sessions 

-Water safety and swimming skills

-In partnership with La Petite Baleen


Learn to swim!

If you are interested in participating, contact Sandra Sarabia (sandra@bgccoastside.org)

(650) 712-9710


Learning to swim is a lifelong skill with many mental and physical benefits. 

Learning about water safety can actually be life-saving for oneself — and others. The genesis for the BGCC Swim Program was the need to support our Members who didn’t have these skills. We became aware of this need because we take our Members to the pool every Friday during BGCC Summer Camp.

“Every year we have a Member (or more) is who is a non-swimmer,” says Jill Jacobson, Executive Director. “We are so thrilled our Board Member, John Kolbisen, partnered with us to provide discounted swim lessons to our Members. The benefits of this program align with our goals of helping children who need us most.”

Not only do students learn basic swimming skills, but they learn about water safety and how to reduce the risk of drowning. At La Petite Baleen, high-quality swimming lessons help students learn:

-Basic Swimming & Safety Skills (e.g. breathing, kicking, back floats & climbing out)

-Advanced Swimming & Technical Skills (e.g. rhythmic breathing, floating, underwater swimming, strokes, and dives.)