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(Virtual) Youth of the Month: Manny Maya

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Youth of the Month.

This month we selected a member of our Virtual Club House! During our stay-at-home orders, the BGCC transitioned to a Virtual Clubhouse to connect members with staff who continue to support our students academically and socially online. If you want to know if we are making a difference, just read about Cunha 7th grader, Manny Maya!

“I picked Manny because over time I have seen him grow as a person. He wasn’t as social as he is now. He wasn’t one to start conversations or make new friends,” says Eric Jeronimo. However, Eric adds, “with the shelter in place I see that he misses being out and having company so he’s always the first to be on our Zoom sessions and he’s always participating and interacting with others.”

How would you describe Manny? He is “clever, funny, generous and hard-working.” He likes to play video games and he can be very competitive while playing with staff and other members. One of his favorite online games, Skribbi, is similar to Pictionary.

Manny is also always eager to learn new things and try new things. For example, his mentor recalls “one time in our virtual club session he decided to teach us how to make a easy 5 minute Oreo cake with just milk and Oreos.” Now that sounds delicious.

Thank you for contributing to our Virtual Clubhouse, Manny!


Youth of the Month: Anthony Sarabia

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Youth of the Month. This month it is Anthony Sarabia.

“Anthony is friendly and charismatic – and he always encourages others to participate.” enthuses Miguel Isidro, his counselor this year. “I picked Anthony because he is a very good student, does his homework and participates in every activity – with 100 percent effort.”

Anthony loves ALL sports and particularly enjoys regular, competitive play with the staff. He is very passionate about soccer and basketball. Recently, he enthusiastically cheered on the staff at the Harlem Wizards vs BGCC Community All-Stars game (a BGCC fundraiser for the Cunha after school sports program).

So what does a student athlete like Anthony like to eat regularly?!  Chicken nuggets and fries at Café Capistrano across the street!

Anthony is a 6thgrader at Cunha Middle School and is considered a “friendly, kind and outgoing student”. He is the youngest of four children – with three older sisters.  However, he isn’t the youngest in the family because he has a nephew.

Keep studying and practicing your hoops, Uncle Anthony!


Youth of the Month: Maria Romero

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Youth of the Month. This month it is Maria Romero.
Do you know someone who instantly “lights up a room”? That’s Maria.
“Her personality is what stands out to me. Every time she comes into the club with her smile towards everyone, she brings light into the room. She treats everyone the same and loves to share her food with everyone”, says her mentor Jessica Jaracuaro.
Not only does Maria have a positive attitude, but she also has demonstrated strong academic performance in school.  She describes her superpower as being “focused.” Maria wants to be a Math teacher when she grows up because she is very passionate about her favorite subject.
What she likes best about BGCC is that she gets to spend time with friends — and there are a lot of supplies that she can use for her schoolwork.
Whether she is at home or BGCC, Maria loves playing volleyball outside. In her free time, she also loves to dance, color, shop, watch movies – and walk on the beach with her mom on weekends. Her hero is her father. She loves how supportive he is and always looks up to him.
Keep on sharing your light, Maria!


Youth of the Month: Ian Erhardt

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Youth of the Month.  This month it is Ian Erhardt.

Do you like baseball?!  If so, you will enjoy meeting Ian. He loves playingbaseball, talkingabout baseball and drawingbaseballs.

However, it isn’t his love of baseball that earned him this month’s BGCC Youth of the Month. His mentors Eric and Iggy said what stands out to them is just how much he has grown in the last few months. When he first joined BGCC, he was shy and not very involved in the group. Now they describe him as “an active participant and so much more outgoing! Ian even reaches out to his fellow peers 1:1 to encourage them to do the same.”

We at BGCC admire his active involvement, his outgoing nature and his inclusivity. Ian actively runs on the field and engages others. He plays chess and likes to draw. In school, he is a dedicated student earning the Principal’s Honor Roll this quarter. He really likes math because he enjoys figuring things out and problem solving. One day he will make a great scientist like his Dad!

Go Ian – and Go Giants!

Youth of the Month: Kate Pastorino

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Youth of the Month. Kate Pastorino a 6th grader at Cunha Intermediate School who loves to play both soccer and volleyball, is our October Member of the Month. BGCC is proud to recognize Kate for her enthusiastic participation in every activity – as well as her strong academic performance in school. We appreciate her optimistic attitude and helpfulness. Sandra Sarabia says Kate just “lights up a room” with her happy disposition! At BGCC, Kate enjoys watching volleyball games and helping others. However, she particularly enjoys playing a card game called “Chonch” with staff and her peers. One of her favorite BGCC memories is riding in the Pumpkin Festival parade! When she grows up, Kate would like to be like her Auntie Carmel. Her Aunt was a cheerleader and is very athletic. And if she could travel anywhere, Kate would visit Paris because “it seems so pretty”. Look out world, here comes Kate!

Youth of the Month: Ronin Hastings 

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Youth of the Month.

Meet future artist and game designer, Ronin Hastings, a 6th grader at Cunha Intermediate School. Ronin is our Member of the Month.

Since he joined the Boys and Girls Club, he has been an active participant in soccer and dodge ball.  When he isn’t kicking or dodging balls, he also enjoys martial arts, hiking and collecting rocks.  However, it wasn’t just the activities that got him noticed by Club Leaders.  He participates all the time —without whining.  And who doesn’t love that?!

Three additional adjectives used to describe Ronin are “caring, kind and obedient” — and we, at BGCC acknowledge these admirable traits as well. Diana Cariaga really appreciates that he “…works independently and helps others when in need.”  Those are great life skills.

That’s not the only thing impressive about this 11 year old.  He has a SuperPower: Imagination.  And he believes “you can do pretty much anything.”

Way to go, Ronin!