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Karen Egan

The Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside is proud to acknowldge one of our many dedicated volunteers:

Karen Egan

Executive Function Coach. Special Education Teacher. Makerspace Leader.


“I met my husband, Pat Egan, at summer camp! When I first met him, he and his boss coached a second-grade basketball program — with the Boys and Girls Club!” recalls Karen Egan.

During their 29-year marriage, Karen and her husband have moved for his work numerous times. When he became President and CEO of See’s Candies in 2019, they relocated to the Coastside. Karen met Executive Director Jill Jacobson while delivering candy that Pat donated to support the program. She found herself once again drawn to BGCC because they have “a great team!”

Karen was a Special Ed teacher at Cunha when she met Sandra (BGCC Cunha Site Manager). She describes Sandra as “very kind and collaborative.” They worked together to support ALL the Club Members because everyone can improve their executive functioning skills!


“I wanted to offer my skills to support this “amazing, creative, good group of people! My strength is in the value I can provide to smaller groups of students. I know that it’s not what a kid knows; it’s how they learn and how they develop and apply those skills to be successful. I help them identify what skills need strengthening. I don’t have all the answers for them, but I have a lot of solutions – and the passion for helping others.” says Karen.

She adds, “For me, BGCC is a great fit. It makes me happy.”

What’s Next at BGCC?

Professional Development (BGCC Staff):

I want to continue to support the incredible staff by giving them tools to foster a growth mindset with our members.

Personal Development (Youth Members):

I would like to help prepare kids to return to class this fall with short 15-20 minute lessons after school to teach them skills they can use to bolster their efficiency and confidence.

BGCC Makerspace Program:

My son, Matthew, and I are currently setting up a STEAM-based program for BGCC Members at the Clubhouse. The new BGCC Makerspace program is made possible due to the generosity of a grant from the Leonard C. & Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation. As we expand our programming opportunities, I think we will draw even more Members to our Club. That is exciting!


About Karen

“The most important thing to me is spending time with my family!” shares Karen. She and Pat currently reside in Moss Beach. They have three grown children (Madison (husband Phil), Matthew, and Bridget). They also have two pugs (Stella and Mable), two cats (Nick and Sam) — and 7 Chickens!!

Three Fun Facts…

I owned a flower shop, Madison Avenue Flowers, for 15 years.

I have my contractor license!

I was a four-year All-American springboard and platform diver in high school before diving for the University of Arizona Wildcats. (But I still can’t throw a simple Frisbee!)

Thank you, Karen, for supporting BGCC and providing local Coastside youth the opportunities and tools they need to succeed. We greatly appreciate your tremendous generosity of time, talents – and candy! 



Brianne AngeliniThe Boys and Girls Club of Coastside is proud to acknowledge one of our many dedicated volunteers: Brianne Angelini.

As a lifelong resident and local business owner, Brianne is committed to doing her part to support Half Moon Bay. Brianne is a Personal Lines Account Manager at Angelini Insurance and runs her own event-planning business.

A commitment to service, an enduring love for the Coastside, and a passion for BGCC motivate Brianne Angelini to volunteer her time and efforts to the Boys and Girls Club.

Brianne has been a driving force in this year’s fundraising efforts. She has focused on putting together one-of-a-kind Raffle Prizes for the Annual Fundraiser. “I really like building up our community. When people are interested – and when something is fun and exciting, there is no stopping me!” Brianne gained experience preparing auction items while she was on the Board of the Child Diabetics Association. Determined to find novel auction items that didn’t cost the charity out-of-pocket money, she sought ways to increase interest by choosing raffle items focused on the community that she loves. She used those skills to create a buzz within the greater Coastside Community – and BGCC. “Brianne is a great ambassador for us in the business community’, says Jill Jacobson, Executive Director.

For 25 Years (and Counting!)…. with the BGCC

Brianne started working with the Boys and Girls Club in 1995 – when she was in 8th grade! “I would help my Dad”, adds Brianne, “who was part of the Club when it started. Later, I joined the Boys and Girls program in high school.” “The program looked very different than it does today. When I was in the Club, it was a single-wide trailer in the parking lot of the Lutheran church. We would get together for our meetings there. We met once a month – and I was President of the BGCC Keystone Club! We raised money to attend the national BGC Convention. I think I went twice — Kansas City and Philadelphia, if I remember correctly. I think there were only 6-8 of us,” recalls Brianne.

For 100 Years (and Counting!)…. in HMB

“My family has been doing business in Half Moon Bay for 100 years! My Grandfather and Great Grandfather owned a grocery on Main Street called Angelini Market in the 1920s. They also owned the five and dime next door. And, of course, my Dad has been with Farmers for 43 years!”

To read more about the family history, see the article by Sara Wright in the Half Moon Bay Review (February 5, 2020.)

In addition to working with her Dad at Angelini Farmer’s Insurance, she owns and operates her own wedding and event planning hobby business. For the last 10 years, she uses her business to help people. “I’ve always been very involved in the Coastside – since I was five years old!” recalls Brianne. “I like staying connected – and helping when I can. It is in my blood to give back!’

Three fun facts about Brianne…

In High School, I was voted “most likely to live in HMB for life!” For the most part, she has…but she did spend a few years in college at San Luis Obispo.

I was a cheerleader for 13 years – and coached for 5 years.

I collect Starbucks mugs!


Kristi Will, Founder, Kristi Will Interior Design


The Boys and Girls Club of Coastside is proud to acknowledge one of our many dedicated volunteers: Kristi Will. 

As a 20 year resident and local business owner, Kristi is committed to doing her part to support Half Moon Bay. Kristi founded Kristi Will Design here over ten years ago. 

Last fall, Kristi used those design skills to conceive a vision and decorate the pavilion for the BGCC 25th Anniversary Gala. As she does with her individual and corporate clients, “I visualize the event and make it happen. For this event, the generosity of BGCC community members who volunteer their time, talents and resources truly inspired me.” Kristi then worked with a local nursery, hotel and florist to supply the decorations necessary to transform the venue into something truly spectacular. 

“I really wanted those who contribute to BGCC to feel special. I wanted them to recognize that they were part of something special. I felt Celebrating this high point — the new building and the 25th anniversary — was worth the extra effort.”, says Kristi. “I loved seeing the guests’ faces when they saw the transformation.” exclaims Kristi who believes that “if everybody shares what they do well – time, money, talents – great things happen.” And it did!  She is quick to thank the amazing team of volunteers who helped implement her ideas and bring them to life.

Why BGCC? The Boys and Girls Club is such a great place for kids! My kids went to middle school at Cuhna – where BGCC offers services for a broad range of kids. It’s an amazing place to go for afterschool activities — and now sports. What if the BGCC wasn’t here….then what? BGCC is an essential part of our community.

How do you inspire others?  Good design inspires people. People feel good in a well-designed space, even if people don’t know why. They want to be part of that space, whether it is a room, a basketball court or a community event. Good design speaks for itself.

What’s Next? Currently, I am working on the façade of the theater. This community is moving in a great direction. I’m always happy to help. We all benefit from working together. It takes a village.

About Kristi

She loves her family and community! Born and raised in the Bay Area, Half Moon Bay has been her home now for 20 years – with Captain firefighter husband Ken and her two beautiful girls.

She loves art!  In school, she wanted to be an Art Teacher. Now she enjoys making art with her kids. She even owns a kiln. Beautiful things and interesting textures give her great joy.

She loves to travel!  Their “splurge” is to travel to warm-water climates such as Costa Rica, Figi and Maldives in search of good surfing. Even on vacation, her family gives back most notably to Saving the Turtles. 

Thank you, Kristi!

In design, she says, “everything should be useful or beautiful.” In life, Kristi puts her talents to good use AND made the 25th Anniversary Gala beautiful by donating her time and resources to support BGCC.

Today we say thank you and honor her contribution to the BGCC team!



Founder, Erik Watts Design Office


The Boys and Girls Club of Coastside is proud to acknowledge one of our many dedicated volunteers: Erik Watts.

“When friends and acquaintances tap me for a cause I support – I’m in,” says Erik. “I like to help non-profits as much as I can using my design skills. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to assist numerous non-profits. As I was raising my kids, most of the organizations were kid-oriented, such as HMB Little League, Moss Beach Park, HMB Cougar Boosters, and the Cabrillo Education Foundation (CEF).” Different organizations require different help. Erik partnered with CEF to develop their branding – their identity, website, and communication materials.


“I started volunteering for BGCC seven years ago and it’s great to be back!” starts Erik. “It’s a great way to meet new people. And there are so many wonderful people on the BGCC Team.” His wife, Tena, is also a graphic designer. They were able to work together to design the BGCC 25th Anniversary Gala logo, invitations, signage, and slide show.

What stands out to you about BGCC? Recently, the Cabrillo School District made significant cuts that decimated the Cunha middle school sports program. Thankfully the BGCC has stepped up to keep the middle school program running. I believe that so much happens at that age that sports are essential. An active and engaged child is a better student. Balancing sports and school teaches students to manage their time. The social aspect of a sports program is fundamental too. Kids need to build relationships and learn to work together as a team. Learning to accept wins and losses is another valuable life lesson. Kids can learn to reach their personal best when they work as a team. Teachers are great coaches; coaches are great teachers.

What next? First, I want to support the community (and BGCC) in their efforts to keep sports at the middle school. Secondly, I would like to support the community effort to slow bluff erosion caused by the construction of the breakwater with the Surfer’s Beach sand replenishment project.

Who is Erik — with a K?

Erik graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He currently lives in Moss Beach with his wife, Tena. They have two adult sons, Cole and Ward. You might not know that…

He had great 80s hair!  You may know him now as a “bald guy.” But before he shaved his head, he had fabulous long hair!

He owns an extensive vinyl record collection! Before it was “cool,” he started buying used records specializing in the 80s, 70s, and jazz. One of his favorite albums he inherited from his Dad. The album “Stan Getz / Cal Tjader Sextet” (Fantasy label) features Cal Tjader and Stan Getz, a classic West Coast jazz duo. What’s particularly unique about this record is its color…its red vinyl!

His friends enjoy his cocktail creations!  Sorry, you will have to find out about this yourself.

Thank you, Erik! 

Erik understands the importance of collaboration – on the field, in the boardroom, and at home. Teamwork is an important life lesson for all children. We appreciate Erik’s contributions to kid-centered activities throughout our community.


Today we say thank you and honor his contribution to the BGCC team!


Volunteer Profile: David Worden

Owner & Principal Broker, Windward Commercial Real Estate Services


The Boys and Girls Club of Coastside is proud to acknowledge one of our many dedicated volunteers: David Worden.

The “Dave Worden Delivery Service” is a creative twist on volunteerism! During shelter-in-place, Dave offered to deliver wine for a local shop and donate his tips to BGCC. As he says, “I simply saw an opportunity to generate business for a local company – and earn tips for a favorite charity.”

How does this work?

Most tips are added to the credit card charge online – but I’ve also raised more than $280 in cash tips. I started shortly after S.I.P. was put in place and have raised over $2,250 to date. People seem to really like that the tips are going to support a worthwhile local cause, like BGCC.

How did you get involved?

As a commercial real estate broker, I work with a lot of people on the Coastside. Years ago, I leased space to a young couple opening up a wine shop, Vinoteca, in Half Moon Bay.

The husband and wife team Larissa and Kit Cutler were actively building their business and started offering delivery. When COVID-19 hit,Larissa was nine months’ pregnant. I thought, “She can’t be out delivering wine — but I have time! What else am I going to do while sheltering-in-place?”

My goal was to generate business for my friends at Vinoteca Wine Tasting & Shop (330 Main Street, Suite 105 • 650/560-8954) and raise funds to support BGCC at the same time. I hoped that I could really help them boost sales if customers knew they were also supporting a fundraiser.


The BGCC is a favorite charity of mine. My kids grew up before the club opened, but I think the BGCC is a wonderful organization and I am happy to help. This experience has really been a “labor of love — and kind of fun!” I have “met some really nice people” in our Coastside community in the process of delivering wine.

Dave explains that “just yesterday I delivered wine to a lovely woman, and when she tipped me, I said, “thank you – this will go to the BGCC!” She didn’t know about our partnership, but she was so pleased given her personal history with the organization.”

How did you spread the word?

Larissa and Kit announced that tips were going to BGCC on their website (www.vinotecahmb.com). They also reached out to their email distribution list. Our story was in the HMB Review. BGCC posted it on their Facebook page. I think we were all looking for good news!

More good delivery news?

Yes! Larissa and baby are doing very well. Phineas is a month old and “a very cute kid from what I see 6 feet away!”

Did you know?

Before delivering wine, Dave was a model (once)! When the BGCC started, they held an annual fundraiser at La Piazza, which included a Fashion Show!

If others are inspired, what can they do?

Dave suggests everyone “Stock up your wine cellars – and don’t forget BGCC!”