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2023 Youth of the Year: Juliana Aguilar

The Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside is proud to recognize Juliana Aguilar as our 2023 Youth of the Year, honoring her academic achievement, leadership, and contributions to the Club.

“When I first joined the after-school program in middle school, I was having a difficult time in school with the transition from elementary to middle school. I was also struggling with my self-esteem, personal connections, and academics. School wasn’t a place I enjoyed going to during that time, but the Club served as a relief and a source of happiness for me — and continues to be after all this time!

The whole reason why I was able to go through struggles, do good in my classes, and face fears was because of the courage and support that people at the Club gave me, and I am passionate about being able to do the same.” — Juliana

Rolando Madrid, Senior Director of Programs, added….” From helping young children learn to read to assisting middle schoolers to come out of their shells and make new friends, it is truly awe-inspiring to see you work. We know it’s very natural for you, but we are still surprised at how you make it look so easy!”

Congratulations, Juliana!

2023 Junior Youth of the Year: Adriana Ruiz Lopez

The Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside is proud to recognize Adriana Ruiz Lopez as our 2023 Junior Youth of the Year, honoring her academic achievement, leadership, and contributions to the Club.

Sandra Sarabia, Cunha Site Manager, exclaims: “What a joy to know and watch this young woman grow over the last three years!” When she first met Adriana in 2020, Adriana was extremely shy – and spoke no English. I quickly learned that she had barely worked on a computer, making remote learning challenging. However, today Adrian speaks English and uses a computer! She participated in Cunha Sports (Volleyball) AND joined the mural project in collaboration with the HMB police substation.

Adriana is very grateful that BGCC helped her during the pandemic while struggling to speak English. She adds, “When I joined the Club, I was scared and hesitant to participate because I didn’t know anyone. I connected with the amazing staff who always listened to and cared for me. I am grateful that they had the patience to help me with my homework and online classes.”

What is her favorite activity now? She says, “Camps are the best! I love seeing how much joy and happiness it brings to the kids. The Club always makes camp fun — and a safe place. The Club always cares that children are mentally and physically healthy inside (and outside) the Club.”

Congratulations, Adriana!

2022 Youth of the Year: Mia Abundis

Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside is proud to honor Mia Abundis as our 2022 Youth of the Year honoring her academic achievement, leadership, and contributions to the Club.

Mia has consistently attended the club with a positive attitude and commitment to improve. She is dedicated to her academics and has excelled this past year in all of her classes. 

She has always been respectful to staff members and reaches out for help and support when needed. She also has a great sense of humor and never fails to make her friends laugh.  When she is volunteering at the club working with our younger members, which is often, she is patient and is a great role model for her peers. 

“It is not often that we hear directly from youth about the impact that we have as Youth Development Professionals, but when we do it reminds us why we do what we do here at BGCC. This past Valentine’s Day Mia left a really nice note for our Teen Center Youth Development Professionals. It was extremely thoughtful!” -Youth Development Professional

After high school I want to go to college to become a social worker. I’ve always had the Idea of wanting to give back and help my community. I want my job to revolve around helping people who really need it and for those people to have hope that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.”-Mia Abundis

Congratulations again Mia for all your hard work!


2022 Jr. Youth of the Year: Anabella Sarabia

Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside is proud to honor Anabella Sarabia as our 2022 Jr. Youth of the Year honoring her academic achievement, leadership, and contributions to the Club. 

“I have known Anabella for quite a while now and I watched her turn from being a quiet and shy person to having a very strong, independent, unique personality.” -Youth Development Professional

I have tried really hard to keep my grades up and by saying that I mean by having A’s and B’s. I have gotten Principal’s Honor Roll by having a 3.9 GPA. This would not ever have happened if I never attended Boys and Girls Club.”-Anabella

“The Boys & Girls Club has done so much for me. I remember the first day of school and I was feeling nervous and excited to attend the Club after school. I remember feeling really included because the staff were really kind and supportive. It felt really welcoming. The more I was at the Club, the more I felt I belonged there as if it was my second home. Boys and Girls Club really helped me by having good grades, learning lots of things that school never taught me, doing activities, meeting new people and so much more and honestly, I really appreciate it. Not to mention that the Boys & Girls Club has also given me a safe place with the most amazing staff ever.” -Anabella

Congratulations Bella!

2021 Youth of the Year: Diego Quiroz

Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside is proud to honor Diego Quiroz as our Youth of the Year honoring his academic achievement, leadership, and contributions to the Club.  Click here to watch a short video about Diego.

2021 Jr. Youth of the Year: Monserrat Pimentel

Monserrat Pimentel was selected as the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside 2021 Junior Youth of the Year.  Sandra Sarabia, Cunha Site Manager, introduces Monserrat and shares a photo collage of her activities at Cunha, click here to watch the video.

2019 Youth of the Year: Yamilet Caballero- Haro

Yamilet has been a Boys and Girls Club of Coastside member since she was in 6th grade and is now graduating high school next week. During her time in high school, she has achieved great things, such as winning MVP for the high school girls golf team, averaging a 3.4 GPA, and after a couple of months of volunteering at our local veterinarian hospital, she was offered a job. We chose this individual based on her hard work academically, leadership in the Club, and community involvement. Yamilet will be the first recipient to have won Jr youth of the year in 2015, and now Youth of the year 2019…..

Please welcome our 2019 Youth of the year Yamilet Caballero- Haro!

2019 Jr. Youth of the Year: Julianna Aguilar

We chose the recipient based on academic excellence, leadership in the club, and community involvement. She is also part of Ballet Folklorico Tonantzin and has demonstrated to be a role model for the Boy’s & Girls Club with the unique ability, to inspire confidence in young people. It has been our pleasure to get to know this young woman and watch her grow over the past three years, as well as sharing memorable moments during summer camp, lunchtime, and Afterschool activities. On behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside, I would like to present our 9th annual, Jr. Youth of the Year Award to Julianna Aguilar. 

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