The Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside is a place to go for fun, for meeting friends, for caring adult support. It is a place to learn and grow through life enhancing programs and character development experiences. We are about hope and opportunity.

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25th Anniversary Celebration and Video

A Place to Become

At our 25th Anniversary celebration we honored our founders, recognized youth leaders and debuted a video highlighting the impact of our programs. Please take a moment to enjoy our “BGCC: Founder’s Vision and Community Impact” video here.

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Youth of the Month: Kate Pastorino

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Youth of the Month. Kate Pastorino a 6th grader at Cunha Intermediate School who loves to play both soccer and volleyball, is our October Member of the Month. BGCC is proud to recognize Kate for her enthusiastic participation in everyactivity […]

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Celebrating Sandra Sarabia

The Boys and Girls Club of Coastside is proud to announce the promotion of one of their own. Sandra Sarabia is the new Site Manager at Cunha Intermediate School . We are thrilled to have Sandra on our team! As a former student and part-time staffer, she knows the importance of staff and how one […]

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  • "I think Boys & Girls Club is a great thing to do after school because you get a lot of help with homework and you get to go outside and hang out with friends and play sports."

    - Shannon, 8th grader
  • "The Club is a cool and fun place where I go to do my homework. After I started to go to the Club my grades drastically improved."

    - Darren, 7th grader
  • "The Boys & Girls Club is the place to be when you need to do homework. You can use the computers and printers and get help from one of the volunteers or staff. The Club is also fun because Niles, Caitlen, Laura and Sebastian are so funny."

    - German, 8th grader
  • "What Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside means to me: The Club is a place to come and do homework. It's also a place to come and hang out with friends. The Club is a lot of fun. We have field trips, activities, and all kinds of other things. The Staff is very nice and helpful and I don't think I could have done as well as I did in school without them. To me the Club is a home and we are all one big family."

    - Rudy, 7th grader
  • "When I first came to the Club I was in 6th grade, I was stubborn and argued a lot. The Staff was patient with me and helped me improve my attitude. I came into 8th grade a changed student. The Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside put me on the right path."

    - Darren, 8th grader 2012 Youth of the Year