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Rolando Madrid

Senior Program Director


“I have dedicated my life to ensuring that all children have the opportunity, confidence, and knowledge to be great and follow their dreams.”  – Rolando Madrid

The Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside is excited to introduce our newest staff member, Rolando Madrid, our new Senior Program Director.

Rolando has 30 years of experience in the afterschool space! Most recently, he was the Senior Director of Programs for the Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County for several years. He held numerous positions in New York, Atlanta, and Chicago before moving to the West Coast.

In these roles, he helped develop, implement and evaluate programs to ensure positive academic, physical, and social outcomes. He is described as humble, passionate, and optimistic.

He is a first-generation Latino — and was raised by his working-class widowed mother. His father died when he was 9, but he followed his father’s lasting advice: “Do something you love.”  And he is.

“I really love being in the room when a child discovers their gift. To me, that is priceless. And to know you had a hand creating that environment is the ultimate.” says Rolando. 


Executive Director, Jill Jacobson, is thrilled to welcome another seasoned professional to the team. “With Rolando’s extensive experience, I think there will be a significant increase in what BGCC can do for the community through our Club. I am so excited to partner with him to deliver on our vision.”  

Rolando will manage everything related to programs.

Please contact him if you would like to:

  • Learn more about BGCC 
  • Volunteer
  • Visit our Clubhouse
  • Become a Mentor
  • Know someone who wants to join our Team
  • Introduce new program ideas into the Strategic Growth Plan


Yvonne Heath

Office Coordinator

The Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside is excited to introduce our newest staff member, Yvonne Heath, our new Office Coordinator.

A native of the Coast, Yvonne is deeply invested in our community. Not only was she born in Pacifica, but she raised four kids in Half Moon Bay. Her three granddaughters live and go to school locally as well. During her first week at BGCC, she saw one running on the Cunha track and the other on campus. “Seeing them at work is definitely a perk!” exclaims Yvonne.

“I really enjoy being part of this community and I want to help kids achieve their goals. To make a difference is….an important thing to me,” says Yvonne. She is well-suited to meet her goals at BGCC. She adds “I am organized and I really enjoy working with people and being part of a team. I am bi-lingual and I used to translate – and really enjoyed that!”

Jill Jacobson, Executive Director, adds that “We are lucky to have Yvonne on our team! We look forward to putting her coordinating, communication, and interpersonal skills to work facilitating day-to-day communication with Members, their families, and the Community. She will be the first point of contact when connecting with BGCC.”

When will you contact Yvonne?

Among her many job responsibilities, she will: 

-Help families and kids get registered for programs or pay fees.

-Greet parents and guests and help locate kids during our busy afternoon program.

-Answer questions about our programs, facilities, games, matches, and other activities.

-Support our staff with Members who need some extra guidance.

-Help launch our new Community Hub!

Yvonne can be reached at 650-712-9710 or yvonne@bgccoastside.org.



David Aliamus

Operations Director

The Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside (BGCC) is pleased to introduce our new Operations Director, David Aliamus.

The Operations Director is a new role for BGCC. In this position, David will help facilitate our multi-faceted partnership with Cabrillo Unified School District (CUSD). Currently, we partner with CUSD to offer Remote Learning Pods for middle and high school students and manage facilities, including the Cunha Soccer Complex and the Event Center.

David will also assist with the re-launch of the after-school Cunha Athletics program, which BGCC agreed to manage last year after the program was cut by CUSD. David will support Jill Jacobson, BGCC Executive Director, and the Board of Directors to craft a long-term vision and structure for Cunha Athletics that is robust, inclusive, and sustainable.

Before joining BGCC, David served Coastside youth for more than 25 years. Most recently, he was the Site Director for Coastside Children’s Programs at Hatch Elementary School. His extensive experience in working with young people in both formal and informal education settings and his knowledge of youth program implementation are key strengths he brings to this new role.

Jacobson commented, “We are so excited David is joining our team right now as BGCC is expanding and strengthening our programs. David is well known in our community. He has collaborated with the school district over many years. He will be able to bring value to our organization from day one.”

In addition to his professional work, David is a Court Appointed Special Advocate in San Mateo County and has volunteered for Half Moon Bay Little League, Second Harvest, and Mariners Church. David and his wife, Debbie, live in Half Moon Bayand they have an adult son named Bryan. David’s nephew, Dr. Anthony Aliamus, recently started his dental practice in Half Moon Bay.

David begins his new role on March 8, 2021. He can be reached at david@bgccoastside.org or 650-712-9710.



 Sandra Sarbia

Cunha Site Manager

The Boys and Girls Club of Coastside is proud to announce the promotion of one of their own. Sandra Sarabia is the new Site Manager at Cunha Intermediate School. We are thrilled to have Sandra on our team!

As a former student and part-time staffer, she knows the importance of staff and how one individual can really impact a kid’s life. Sandra recalls how her own experience in the BGCC program was critical to her education, self-esteem and social life – and that really motivates her to give her all to the kids today.

We support academics.

“When I was in middle school, I really struggled with math. I was always worried about not finishing my homework and turning it in.  Sometimes I would get so frustrated because I couldn’t understand the math concepts,” says Sandra. “My parents only spoke Spanish and were not academically educated. They only completed a first grade education.”

Sandra gratefully acknowledges that “the staff really supported me. They helped me get my homework done and turn it in. I felt great relief to know my work was not wrong – and it was not incomplete. I was not intimidated to ask for help. And I thank my mentor, Crystal, for demonstrating the difference one person can make by helping kids feel welcome and encouraging kids to ask for help without being embarrassed.”

We give hope. 

Kids need support with school — and their emotional needs — to help them develop into their best selves.

“When there is a problem, we don’t shame the kids.  If they are missing too many assignments, kids can just give up. So first we acknowledge the problem and find out why they are struggling.  Then we work on a plan to make the work up — one assignment at a time.” outlines Sandra.

She continues, “We offer different ways to inspire learning. We push the kids, support them and offer structure to do the work.  “I’m not looking for straight As. I want to empower these kids to do the best they can – and build life skills to face the challenges in their lives. I was there once, so I understand.”

She continues, “I want them to find their best self. We remind they that they are “never not smart enough. It is about facing challenges, asking for help and finding solutions. We want them to work hard, little by little and be proud of their improvements they themselves have learned. We want them to be happy with their accomplishments.”

We help kids feel connected.

Sandra firmly believes that EVERY child benefits from the program. Her unique perspective empowers her to remind these kids that this is not a babysitting program. She remembers “how nice it was having a place where I felt special — because I did not play any sports and I was not part of anything.  In my job now, I try to make a space for everyone to fit in.  It’s important for everyone to feel special. Because everyone IS special.”

Sandra recognizes that “kids need love and attention. Unfortunately, parents these days are stretched thin trying to support their families financially so they might not have time to listen as they might otherwise do.”

Sometimes the small gestures can make a huge impact.  She recalls,“I remember being very excited about the computers that we had at the club because I didn’t have one at home. I played games and had a great time because I was not able to at home.”

Sandra also remembers how “I enjoyed the candy bars! The staff would sell them for $1 after homework time! It was the best thing and I looked forward to it since I had a long day in middle school and I was hungry!”

These days we “greet each student daily when they turn in their cards – and check on them throughout the day. Whether it is the independent, self-directed child in the corner or the struggling student, she encourages staff to reach out and make those all-important connections.”  Sandra simply loves to see kids happy.

“I remember having a place where I could hang out with my friends and be myself. We would laugh, play, and have a good time.” reminisces Sandra. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with this community of kids….they are the future.”

What do the kids teach her?  A Lot!

These wonderful kids have helped me change my perspective.I realize that whatever is going on in their lives matters tremendously to them, even if it doesn’t seem important to outsiders.

I’ve also learned a lot of patience.  I try to listen – without judgment – when kids are expressing themselves and sharing stories about homework (and their social life.) I take their concerns seriously and try to cheer them up. We work on goals to improve things and then track their progress.

I have learned to be more open-minded.  Social media is new to us – but it is impacting our kids significantly and it very hard on them. We look to educate ourselves more so we can offer support in this area.  For example, we teach them that anything they post on social media will be there forever and to be responsible.

What advice do you give the kids?

Encourage kids to get off their phone – and do something.

Explore different interests.

Ask how someone’s day is going.

Show compassion and patience for each other.

Be open-minded.

That’s good advice for all of us. 

 Three things you might not know about Sandra….

  • She loves tacos – actually anything with corn tortillas! She actually ate 22 in one seating.  Her favorite brand is “Finca”.
  • She loves to dance!When she was young, she dreamed of being a hip hop dancer while she practiced in front of the mirror.
  • She enjoys reading in her free time.


This former student started as a part-time staffer and is now the full-time Site Manager at Cunha Intermediate School. “I know the importance of the staff and how they can really impact a kid’s life.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with this community of kids….they are the future.”

We strive to provide a place where the kids can be themselves.  This isn’t a place to babysit.  This is a place to be themselves – to enjoy, grow and find their best self.”


Jill Jacobson

Executive Director

Jill Jacobson, the Boy and Girls Club of the Coastside Executive Director, is a professional educator with a background in non-profit and small business management.

Jacobson, a Coastside resident for more than 25 years, earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from the University of Michigan and master’s degree and secondary teaching credential from San Jose State.  Her experience in youth development includes directing the Youth Community Service Palo Alto/East Palo Alto program and serving as Deputy Director of the Service Learning 2000 Center at Stanford University. She served as the Associate Director of Development at Charles Armstrong School.

Locally, Jacobson volunteers on the Board of Directors for Senior Coastsiders and previously served as Treasurer of the Half Moon Bay High School Foundation and President of the Hatch Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization.

Jacobson can be reached at jill@bgccoastside.org