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Member of the Month: Marelyn Ulgalde Correa


Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Member of the Month. This month it is Marelyn Ulgalde Correa, a 6th grader at Cunha. 

“We nominated Marelyn because of her incredibly positive attitude and her overall helpfulness,” says Diana Cariaga, a BGCC Counselor. For instance, she frequently translates from classwork and assignments from English to Spanish for her classmates. She helps out her fellow students when it is needed for homework — or just communicating in general. She herself is doing really well in school. She demonstrates her commitment to BGCC by attending every day and participating in all outside activities.

Describing Marelyn in three words, she is: responsible, respectful and giggly! She stays true to her self — which is an admirable strength. She is thankful for… everything. And if she could have a super power, she would like to be fast!

What does she like most about BGCC? Marelyn says she is “grateful for the staff helping me with homework. I also really like to play at BGCC.” When she grows up she would like to be a teacher —or work for the Boys and Girls Club!

Marelyn, we will welcome you back anytime! 🙂

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