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Member of the Month: Tarsicio Serrano


Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Member of the Month. This month it is Tarsicio Serrano, a 7th grader at Cunha. 


“I nominated Tarsicio for Member of the Month because of his academic achievements. He works very hard during homework time and has improved a lot!” says Jessica Jaracuaro, his BGCC Counselor. She adds that “he has been a role model for other students, and overall the positive energy he gives to others is amazing!”


Tarsicio is always encouraging, generous, and helpful. Jessica adds that “He regularly provides positive feedback or thoughtful comments to others. His personality is such that he is always making others smile and laugh! And he is always respectful to others and the staff. “


He is grateful for BGCC because he has the space to do his homework and get staff support. He particularly likes to play football and dodgeball at BGCC. He shows up early every day — with his Starbucks drink!


Two of his most potent superpowers are enthusiasm and respectfulness. Tarsicio likes to stand up for kids who are getting bullied and bring joy to them. He is incredibly thankful for his family and friends and loves spending time with them outdoors. He also admitted he is “very skilled at dancing,” — and we can’t wait to see him on the dance floor!


When he grows up, he would like to be an electrician. We know Tarsicio will continue to “light up” the world for years to come!

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