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Member of the Month:  T.J. Bushnell

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person. This month we highlight T.J. Bushnell, 7th Grader.

T.J. is an outstanding student who consistently exhibits conscientiousness, congeniality, and creativity!

At the Club, she focuses on her schoolwork. Her demeanor is respectful and well-mannered. She is a kind soul who includes her friends in activities.

“There is always something to do!”

She loves anything creative! At BGCC, her favorite activities are painting, drawing, and “anything in Makerspace.” Her parents kept T.J. busy with swimming, karate, and ballet, but her creative side shines at the Club. Her superpower is creating a detailed story from one single song!

When T.J. isn’t listening to music, she loves books and always wants to be surrounded by them. She envisions herself as a school librarian, a journalist, or an author, roles that would allow her to continue her love for books and creativity.

What is she most grateful for at BGCC?

“I am grateful for the staff. Definitely!

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