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Member of the Month:  Samuel Garcia

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Member of the Month. This month it is Samuel (Sammy) Garcia, a 7th grader at Cunha.

“Sammy always puts a full 100% effort into anything he does, and that makes him a great role model for his classmates,” says mentor Hector Segura. When he started our program, Sammy was far behind and missing lots of assignments. Sammy has worked very hard the last three months and is now passing all his classes and is virtually caught up.  His resilience and dedication is impressive. He is always the first to get to the site and has yet to miss a day.

Remote Learning Pods have given Sammy the chance to grow independently as a student. Sammy has been able to engage and understand the material by putting in the extra effort of joining teachers’ office hours. He likes that school is shorter, giving him more one-on-one time with teachers and more time to complete assignments. He is also thankful BGCC helps him get out of the house for a few hours – and spend time with friends. Still, Sammy is looking forward to going back to normal life and school one day. In his free time, he is very passionate about BMX biking and gaming!

Sammy looks forward to many more obstacles this next year.  He explains that “without them, we don’t grow as individuals, and we can’t enjoy the good times without getting through some rough ones.” His advice to other students is: “You can only control your attitude and actions, and the rest is only for time to tell.”  Wise words, Sammy!

Your resilience – along you are respectful and kind nature – will take you far in life.  Keep up the great work!

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