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Member of the Month: Evan Leung

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person. This month we highlight Evan Leung, Cunha 6th grader.

Underneath Evan’s reserved demeanor is a very dedicated and generous young man. He is a responsible person who consistently shows initiative. Staff also describes him as intuitive, creative, and committed to being his best self. 

Evan inspires others with his dedication to reading — and focus on academic studies. After he finishes his homework, he immediately starts to read. In his free time, fantasy fiction books are his favorite. He has read all the Harry Potter books and seen all of the movies. Evan feels that his superpower is that he is good at playing chess!

“If it wasn’t for BGCC, I would take the bus home ALONE since my parents cannot pick me up after school.”

Before joining BGCC, Evan attended an after-school program at Seacrest, his former school. Now that he is at Cunha Intermediate, BGCC gives him somewhere to go for companionship, mentorship, healthy snacks — and fun! At BGCC, Evan particularly enjoys the game room and playing board games.

“I am very grateful for the staff – and the other kids. I wouldn’t change a thing at BGCC!”

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