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Member of the Month: Brian Cunha

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person. This month we highlight Brian Cunha, HMBHS Senior.

Long-time Member Brian Cunha joined BGCC in 6th grade — and graduates this Spring from Half Moon Bay High School.  “BGCC has helped me a lot with my behavior, anxiety, and level of responsibility.”

Brian says his Super Power is being “very helpful.” He loves to help everyone and it comes from his heart. When school is in session, he frequently vacuums our homework rooms where students complete their daily homework assignments. During school breaks, he supports the Club at BGCC specialty camps supporting younger children in first through fifth grades.

Brian loves connecting with people. He’s happy to introduce you to everyone he knows- almost everyone in town! One of his favorite activities is walking to the downtown Half Moon Bay cemetery to enjoy the beautiful ocean view. He could “stay home and chill” after school, but he really likes attending the Club. The BGCC Teen Center recently sponsored a field trip to the College of San Mateo. Brian credits the experience for inspiring him to want to attend college!

After graduating high school, he wants to study psychology at the College of San Mateo. and become a school psychologist. Until then, he would love to work at BGCC one day. While he likes to help everyone at the Club, he especially enjoys helping Rolando. “Thank you to Rolando Madrid for helping him with his schoolwork. Thank you to Karen Egan, who helped me apply for college scholarships. I am also grateful for everyone else at BGCC.”

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