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After carefully reviewing the available information BGCC has decided to adopt the same policy as CUSD and beginning March 14 masks will be optional in all our sports and academic programs.  


California Department of Public Health and BGCC strongly recommend wearing masks indoors.

Two implementation notes:

One, the mental health effects of this pandemic are real and harmful. The Leadership Staff at BGCC do not want the decision to wear or not wear a mask to become another point of trauma for any young person. In our academic program we are enforcing a “no tolerance for bullying on masks” policy whereby if we hear any young person questioning or commenting on another person’s mask status that member will be asked to go home for the day with no additional warnings. 

Two, if a League or other organization requires masks we expect our participating Members to comply with this expectation. 

Questions?  Contact any member of our Leadership Team at 650-712-9710 or by email.


Jill Jacobson, Executive Director (jill@bgccoastside.org)

 David Aliamus, Operations Director (david@bgccoastside.org)

Amanda Larson, Education Director (amanda@bgccoastside.org) 

Sandra Sarabia, Cunha Site Manager (sandra@bgccoastside.org)

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