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Member of the Month: Misael Buenfil

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person. This month we highlight Misael Buenfil, 7th grade .


Misael is a generous and caring young man who demonstrates kindness, maturity, and a positive attitude. He encourages others to participate in the Club sports activities. While playing football recently, he successfully encouraged a hesitant member to join.

Misael enjoys playing soccer and football or just playing with his friends. He says his superpower is shooting in soccer!

When he grows up, he would like to be a professional soccer player (started playing at age 3) or a professional football player (began in elementary school).

With his chef Dad, he cheers for the SF 49ers and Chivas and enjoys cooking. He loves making bagels with bacon and eggs. He is very thankful for his family – his mom, dad, and little brother.

BGCC has positively impacted his life! Homework assistance has helped him improve his grades. Before coming to BGCC, he would go home and hang out with his friends. Now, all his friends are at the Club, and he can get to know them better — AND meet new people.

He is grateful for BGCC staff – and would not change a thing here at BGCC!

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