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Member of the Month: Jose Jaca Maya

December 2021

Each month the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside recognizes one young person as Member of the Month. This month it is Jose Jaca Maya, a 7th grader at Cunha.  

“Jose is a respectful, kind young man who is very disciplined and highly self-motivated to do well in school. He’s determined to get all A’s”, says Mrs. Frisch.  Jose will advocate for himself at lunch, before school, or at the Club when he is confused about a subject. He persistently asks questions – and never gives up!

Jose particularly likes Math and wants to be good at it. Mr. Clinton said that Jose regularly asks for additional Math homework and generously helps others with concepts they may not understand. 

Jose excels at keeping track of his work, trying his best, and remaining organized according to Mrs. Butterfoss. She jokes that “Google Classroom must be his favorite app!” She said he keeps his head down and does his work but is always aware of his surroundings — and often has funny or related responses. He politely checks in with teachers and staff and is kind and supportive to his peers.

Jose is very responsible at school — and as a big brother helping at home with his baby sister. His face lights up when he talks about her. Jose is also thankful for his friends, family, teachers, grandparents, uncle, auntie, and cousins. 

At BGCC, Jose likes completing his homework early and getting help if he has a question. When he finishes his work, he enjoys playing basketball and the Nintendo Switch. When he grows up, he would like to be a professional basketball player!

His future looks bright considering, as Mrs. Butterfoss said, that Jose is “a bright light of hope when things are tough – and he faces all challenges head-on.”

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