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Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside chose the 2013 Youth of the Year, Louis Wooliever, based on his hard work academically, leadership in the Club, and community involvement. Louis took full advantage of the opportunities provided here at the Club to maintain his impressive GPA, serve as Torch Club president, and help with community projects. Congratulations to Louis Wooliever, 2013 Youth of the Year.

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2013 Youth of the Year Speech by Louis Wooliever

First of all, I would like to thank Niles, Nick, Caitlen, Anna, and my fellow club members for helping me achieve this honor. I would also like to thank all of you here tonight for your contribution to the Club making it the best it can be.

What does ‘Youth of the Year’ mean to me? It is not an award, but a privilege. A privilege that only one, out of many members of the Boys and Girls Club earn. Of course to achieve this privilege one must not only meet, but go above and beyond, the expectations of the Club. One must demonstrate academic greatness, respect of others, and most importantly be a role model.

I have been a member and regularly attended the Boys and Girls Club for all three years of my time at Cunha. I have always dreamed of achieving ‘Youth of the Year’. The past winners have inspired me to do my best. Darren worked harder than most other students in the Club. While Julia, was an excellent student always helpful and kind to me. The past two winners were role models to me at Cunha.

Although I wanted to win this honor, I always thought it was out of my reach. This year, I worked harder and set my sights on being the best member I could. I ran and was elected the Torch Club President which changed the way I saw myself. I realized that I could be a leader and the Club gave me that opportunity.

Boys and Girls Club is the favorite part of my day. I see my friends and I have an opportunity to do my homework in a calm and quiet environment. It is better than trying to study at home with two brothers and no desk of my own. My grades are excellent and I am prepared for high school because of the Club.

Not only has Boys and Girls Club helped me academically, but I have made friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The Club expanded my group of friends and has brought people together with different personalities, backgrounds and interests. I spend a lot of time with the other members and have formed close friendships. I have also learned to appreciate others who are different than I am.

I want to take my experiences and give it to the next year’s middle schoolers. I will do that by volunteering, and doing my Youth of the Year duties. But most of all, I will be kind. I know what it is like in middle school, I know that sometimes it can be rough and kids just need some kindness and support.

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