Volunteer Erik Watts

Volunteer Erik Watts

Volunteer Profile: Erik Watts

Founder, Erik Watts Design Office


The Boys and Girls Club of Coastside is proud to acknowledge one of our many dedicated volunteers: Erik Watts.

“When friends and acquaintances tap me for a cause I support – I’m in,” says Erik. “I like to help non-profits as much as I can using my design skills. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to assist numerous non-profits. As I was raising my kids, most of the organizations were kid-oriented, such as HMB Little League, Moss Beach Park, HMB Cougar Boosters, and the Cabrillo Education Foundation (CEF).” Different organizations require different help. Erik partnered with CEF to develop their branding – their identity, website, and communication materials.


“I started volunteering for BGCC seven years ago and it’s great to be back!” starts Erik. “It’s a great way to meet new people. And there are so many wonderful people on the BGCC Team.” His wife, Tena, is also a graphic designer. They were able to work together to design the BGCC 25th Anniversary Gala logo, invitations, signage, and slide show.

What stands out to you about BGCC? Recently, the Cabrillo School District made significant cuts that decimated the Cunha middle school sports program. Thankfully the BGCC has stepped up to keep the middle school program running. I believe that so much happens at that age that sports are essential. An active and engaged child is a better student. Balancing sports and school teaches students to manage their time. The social aspect of a sports program is fundamental too. Kids need to build relationships and learn to work together as a team. Learning to accept wins and losses is another valuable life lesson. Kids can learn to reach their personal best when they work as a team. Teachers are great coaches; coaches are great teachers.

What next? First, I want to support the community (and BGCC) in their efforts to keep sports at the middle school. Secondly, I would like to support the community effort to slow bluff erosion caused by the construction of the breakwater with the Surfer’s Beach sand replenishment project.

Who is Erik — with a K?

Erik graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He currently lives in Moss Beach with his wife, Tena. They have two adult sons, Cole and Ward. You might not know that…

He had great 80s hair!  You may know him now as a “bald guy.” But before he shaved his head, he had fabulous long hair!

He owns an extensive vinyl record collection! Before it was “cool,” he started buying used records specializing in the 80s, 70s, and jazz. One of his favorite albums he inherited from his Dad. The album “Stan Getz / Cal Tjader Sextet” (Fantasy label) features Cal Tjader and Stan Getz, a classic West Coast jazz duo. What’s particularly unique about this record is its color…its red vinyl!

His friends enjoy his cocktail creations!  Sorry, you will have to find out about this yourself.

Thank you, Erik! 

Erik understands the importance of collaboration – on the field, in the boardroom, and at home. Teamwork is an important life lesson for all children. We appreciate Erik’s contributions to kid-centered activities throughout our community.


Today we say thank you and honor his contribution to the BGCC team!


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