Youth of the Year

2017 Youth of the Year: Joseignacio Lira

We are very excited to present our 2nd annual High School Youth of the Year award. This year’s recipient has been a Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside member since 6th grade and now is graduating high school next week. We chose this individual based on their hard work academically, leadership in the Club, and community involvement. This individual has served in Torch Club at Cunha and this year was the Keystone Leadership Club President. Every day he diligently works on his homework and is always the first to volunteer for anything the Club needs help with. He is passionate about helping younger Club members at the Cunha site and summer programs with homework and leading sports activities.  It has been our pleasure to get to know this young man and watch him grow over the past 7 years. On behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside I would like to present our 2nd annual High School Youth of the Year award to Joseignacio Lira.

2017 Jr. Youth of the Year: Mitzi & Michelle Hernandez

We chose these recipients based on leadership in the club, academic excellence, community involvement, and just plain awesomeness. From when they first stepped into the Club as 6th graders, we knew these young ladies were something special. Even in that first year, they got involved in club activities like the Pumpkin Festival parade, the Spring Egg Hunt, and the Girls Golf program. They have held 4.0 or very close GPAS for all of middle school.  This accomplishment is no small thing, but stands out to me even more because I watched them every single day work diligently on their homework. Ask intelligent questions, do extra credit, and stay in after everyone else was outside to play sports to put in a ton of hard work and dedication to their studies. On top of that they manage to play multiple sports year-round and give back to this community. In the middle of this school year, the girls decided to start attending the Teen Center (which broke my heart a little) but they have been thriving there as we knew they would. It has been our pleasure to get to know these young women and watch them grow over the past 3 years. On behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside, I would like to present our 8th annual 8th grade Youth of the Year Award to Miss Mitzi Hernandez and Miss Michelle Hernandez.