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After School Program: Open Monday – Friday 3:05-6:00pm/ Thursday 2:00-6:00pm and 12:33-6:00pm Minimum Days
*Members only- $30 yearly Membership Fee plus $80 Monthly After School Fee
The BGCC After School Program at Cunha is a comprehensive academic support program paired with health and wellness activities. Each day Monday-Thursday begins with a structured Power Hour of homework (3:30-4:30). A  homework help and tutoring program, our Power Hour helps young people develop academic, behavioral, and social skills through homework completion. After Power Hour, members participate in staff-led Triple Play recreational games and activities. By providing our members with information about making balanced nutritional choices, leading an active lifestyle and increasing self-esteem, Clubs can make a positive change in the well-being of our youth.

Our After School Program also has a leadership group, Torch Club. The Torch Club is a small group club developed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to meet the needs of young adolescents and keep them on track. Our Torch Club Members meet monthly and work under the guidance of an adult advisor. The group provides opportunities for Club members to identify community needs, and then develop programs and activities to meet those needs.

***Please feel free to contact Sandra Sarabia, Cunha Assistant Site Director, at (650) 712-9710 with any questions!

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