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We are very excited to offer 3* summer camp experiences in 2022.

We will have have Covid safety protocols in place.


Session 1 — June 9 to July 8 in coordination with CUSD Summer Steam Academy by invitation only.  To participate, ask your School Principal for a referral to the STEAM Academy. 

Questions?  Call 650-712-9710  (Se habla español).

Session 1: Open to 4-8th graders

Session 2 — July 11 to 15, Survivor Week

Session 3 — July 18 to 22, Summer Fun Week (Wednesday Field Trip to Great America)

Students will need bring lunch or money for Great America Day.

Session 2 & 3: Open to Incoming  6th, 7th, 8th, 9th graders

*Snack and lunch provided. Bus tokens available.

Camp Fee: Free for qualified student, thanks to San Mateo County Summer 2022 Enrichment Grant Program.

Questions- contact Yvonne at 650-712-9710 or yvonne@bgccoastside.org

(Se habla español).

Community Service Opportunities for High School Students to serve as Junior Camp Counselors.

Click here to apply to be a Junior Camp Counselor.

Camp will be held at Cunha Intermediate School,  from 9 am-4 pm Monday through Friday. All members must be at camp by 9:00 AM and stay until 3:00 PM before checking out. Our focus will be on team building enrichment, education, fitness and fun. Lunch is provided.  There are limited spaces available for this program and all students will be expected to attend the weeks they sign up for.

BGCC Summer Camp Expectations

  • Students will participate in STAFF led activities

How to sign up:

First create a membership for your son/daughter- click here

When you are finished with the general membership process, follow these steps to enroll in Camp.

  • Choose: Registration (located at the top of the screen)  (There will be a box that appears on the left side of the screen)
  • Choose: Character and Leadership
  • Choose: Session 2 and or Session 3 and Click on enroll
  • Choose the family member to enroll.  And click: Save
  • Choose: Next and Answer all the questions with a red asterisk.
  • Choose: Next
  • Choose: Next
  • Proceed to make your payment.  We have financial aid for any student who needs it.  To apply, call our office at 650-712-9710.  Se habla español.


Summer Camp Flyers: