Youth of the Year


2016 Youth of the Year: Darren Simser

One of this year’s greatest accomplishments for  Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside was our participation in the National Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year program with our very own high school senior representing our Club. He was selected as 1 of 12 finalist to advance to the Northern California event in Sacramento.  It was an extremely exciting experience as this wonderful young man stood proudly and told his story. It is with great honor to introduce him to you and let him share his journey through the Club with you. Please put your hands together for Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside first ever 8th grade Youth of the Year,  and now High School Youth of the Year … Darren Simser!

2016 Jr. Youth of the Year: Wilfrido Arcadia-Luna

We are very excited to present our 7th annual Youth of the Year Awards. We chose the recipient based on his leadership in the club, motivation to improve academically, and continued community involvement. Since meeting this quiet 6th grader 3 years ago, I have seen a new club member emerge and grow into a confident young man.

A motivated student- improving his grades by a full point this year. A leader with a strong voice, serving for 2 years as president of our Torch Club leadership group. A friend to many- using his awesome sense of humor to put his peers at ease and motivate them to get involved in Club activities. And an athlete- he has played on Cunha’s basketball and tennis teams, and maintains his status as King of our dodgeball court. It has been our pleasure to get to know this young man and watch him grow over the past 3 years. On behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside, I would like to present our 7th annual 8th grade Youth of the Year Award to Mr. Wilfrido Arcadia Luna.

Jr. Youth of the Year Speech by Wilfrido Arcadia-Luna


Becoming Youth of the Year means the world to me! I enjoy coming to the club after school almost every day, and it is such an honor to be awarded Youth of the Year of the club that I know and love. I remember being back in sixth grade hearing all the eighth graders talk about Youth of the Year during Torch Club, and I thought it was really cool. I always thought to myself that I want to be that someday. I have made my family proud of me, the staff are proud of me, and I am proud of myself for achieving it. As a Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year, I will try to help the club and the community anytime that I can. I will volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club after school. I will participate in any event that the club is holding. I will try and work or volunteer at any charity or fundraiser I see around the community and see if I can lend a hand. I will try to be the most helpful person that I can be. I want the staff, and all of you, to know that I am the middle child in a really big family. I usually never get any of the attention. And I know my parents are busy and help with the younger kids more often than not, but at the Boys and Girls Club I feel special. I am surrounded by all these people who went from strangers to friends, from friends to close friends, and from close friends to feeling like family. I want the staff know that the $500 scholarship will really help my family when it is time for college. And receiving Youth of the Year has my family excited as well. I have been working really hard in school, and that is all thanks to the Club and the staff who have helped and motivated me. Thank you. I just want to thank the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside staff for nominating me and selecting me for 2016 Junior Youth of the Year, and for your community support.  I hope you enjoy your evening.